Friday, June 13, 2008

Mother Nature is fucking pissed.

…but I would be, too.

There’s a solid theory that the planet has been here much longer than you or I, and that it will remain much longer after. And let’s admit it, we’ve been shitty patrons. I can see why she’s trying to take a shower. We’re a pretty nasty species.
So everyone apologize to your mama, and be nice to her: drive less, recycle, minimize breeding, love the people that are already bred, eat seasonal.
Why am I repeating this hippie rhetoric? Because you know you're proper fucked when you make the BBC news.

i know that i suck.

i truly have posts for the AR camp, Iowa City RR, Sylvan Island Stampede, Hawai'i, and the recent weather.

but i let my home internet service lapse while i was on the island.

it's back on now.

i'll be sure to post what i have.

this weekend.

girl scout's honor.