Friday, August 31, 2007

hey, let's run through stinging nettles!

So, Moon and I are going to partner up for the Southern Kettle Moraine Challenge 12-hour. Our as-yet-unnamed team had our first group practice together last night. I rode the MTB over to Healthy Habits around closing time, and we ran from there up to Crow Creek Park and around the Psyclofest course and back. On the way back, we decided to be "adventurous" (get it?) and go off-road into some brush prairie. We discovered a small creek that we got to jump and a little hill to climb. I noticed a little blood and scratches and poured some of my water bottle on my legs. It was all good fun until we got back to the shop and I noticed that my knee was no longer bleeding... because it had completely swollen shut. Both of my legs, from mid-thigh to sock, were covered with bumps in random shapes and sizes. This gave my legs the overall appearance of gourds. Mild burning was to follow. I'm just glad I got the whole stinging nettle thing out of the way.

Lesson #1: Always wear pants when running through foreign brush.

I got to ride home in the dark after that, which came as a welcome distraction from the freakshow that was my lower extremities. Brilliance abounded that night when I got about a quarter of a mile from the shop and my headlight began to dim.

Lesson #2: Always charge your headlight battery and/or carry a spare.

Luckily Moon was headed along the same way (kinda) and was willing to share some wattage. I owe him a growler of Bent River.

-Keep it down!

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