Tuesday, July 24, 2007

why i blog

This blog is intended to help me deal with my pre-race bullshit. I have been road cycling for a few years now, and am struggling to make it past the Cat. 4 realm. This is in part due to my apparent inability to feed myself.

Anyone who has traveled to races with me, parked next to me, or even pulled up to the line with me knows that I have some serious issues with nourishment. It goes like this: I hate cheese and most things that are green. I do not like to be surprised by ingredients, so casseroles, stews, and the like are out. Ironically, I can eat hot dogs and bologna. Based on how nervous I may be, textures really start to fuck with me, and I develop a gag reflex with projectile capabilities.

On race day (and before some group rides), it takes me over an hour to choke down one Clif bar or, God forbid, a PB & J sandwich. Accelgels, Gu's, and Clif Shots inevitably make an attempt to come back. Accelgels always make it. The only real greens I get come from a supplement called Nanogreens, which I have to mix with cran-grape juice in order to stand the moldy-foot-dipped-in-green-apple flavor. I can eat raw spinach (my only organic green) if I slice it up and drown it in whipped raspberry yogurt.

So there you have it. I promise to give fair warning of any photos of vomit. The plan is to give race reports that include eating info to help me figure out why I'm such a puker.

in the meantime-- keep it down.

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